Travel books still counts as a prime travel technology !
April 4, 2017
Buoni Amici, Rome
Among good friends and google earth of the 16th century in Rome
April 6, 2018 has followed me all over the world

I must admit – is my favorite booking site and app. Map

Map view

Great travel preparation tool, great prices and it honors loyalty !

I use it a lot in preparation of trips. Especially the map features comes in handy when you have an idea of where – geographically – you wanna stay in a city or area.

I find the prices in 90% of all cases is the lowest – if I am in doubt I use to make a sanity check !

What I like about this site is that they honors your loyalty. When you become a Genius member you get 10% off a lot of great hotels. Genius membership will in other cases give you early check-in and late check-out. I typically use the late checkout to make the the most of days where you move fromĀ one place to another. With the late checkout you can explore in the morning – go back to your hotel to relax and freshen up before you move on. - Site

The site – with genius discounts shown as i am a frequent traveller !

The app is my buddy on the road.

The app has proven to be my inseparable buddy on the road. I rarely book all my accommodations before I leave home. There should be room to make some changes to a trips itinerary. The app is a warrior ! I have used it all over the world. Even in remote places where you suddenly have to find accommodation – it just performs. Getting you great prices – and maybe must importantly a selection of accommodations. Obviously you need to be online to use it on the go – check my take on how to be an online globetrotter in a future post.

Getting a place to stay cheaper than on

As a professional within the travel industry I know the fees that charges the properties. And yes – is payed well. You could argue that the properties get a very strong performance marketing for there bucks – so need to feel sorry for them. But you can use to get your share ! Especially for last minute bookings – use the site and app to find properties still available. Go there and negotiate a better price than on You will properly not have a great deal of luck with the big chains – but small independent properties can easily see your value proposition. Go give it a try – but remember to use sometimes. You still wanna support the guys at for doing a great job, right !

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